If you are considering becoming an FYF volunteer, thank you!. After the genocide, the world became aware of the needs of the Yezidi community in Iraq. With skilled and professional volunteers we can make a difference on the ground. Thank you for taking the time to learn about this tragic situation and to help us as we try to rebuild the shattered Yezidi community and bring some hope and assistance to survivors.

1. Become an unofficial Ambassador!

Visit www.freeyezidi.org. In particular, watch the Brandpunt interview (subtitles are in English) and read all the newsletters and background documents in the ‘publications’ and ‘about us’ tabs. Print some of the FYF hi-res flyers on quality paper to hand out ( https://www.freeyezidi.org/blog/publications/free-yezidi-foundation-flyer/); available in English, French, and Dutch. Also, sign up to the newsletter on the FYF website. Armed with this information, discuss the situation with friends, colleagues, coworkers, religious and charity organisations, and others that may share the same concern as you – providing assistance to Yezidi survivors effectively and transparently, through the Free Yezidi Foundation. We can help you if and when you have questions. You have the power to do a great deal for our cause in your communities. Remember to mention that FYF is 100% apolitical, strictly humanitarian, and is formally and officially registered in both the Netherlands (ANBI organisation) and the United States of America (501c3 organisation). The FYF will support you if and when there is need for more information or there is a need to communicate with potential donors. 

2. Become a traditional media / social media warrior!

With the knowledge you have gained, communicate to others via traditional and social media on behalf of the Yezidi survivors. The FYF Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are active and provide accurate and timely updates that you can share with your real and virtual communities. You can add your voice to our cause, and help to inform others that we could not reach without you.

3. Become a political advocate!

As you become more familiar with this situation and the efforts to care for victims of the genocide against the Yezidi people, communicate with your local and national representatives. Many countries are very supportive of greater and broader efforts to support the refugee and IDP populations fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria. There is special attention being paid to the women and children who have suffered the most, and this is the primary focus of the Free Yezidi Foundation. As a constituent, your voice matters, and you may be able to prompt greater support for the Yezidi people.