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Please send your resume and a brief description of your interests to to become a volunteer.

1. Become an Ambassador

Represent the organization in your community and discuss FYF and the plight of the Yezidi community with friends, colleagues, coworkers, and others. Engage in fundraising and awareness raising to support our work and help provide support to our beneficiaries. 

2. Champion our Cause

Communicate about our work on traditional and social media on behalf of the organization and our beneficiaries. The FYF Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages are active and provide timely updates that you can share with your community. Raise your voice in support of our cause and help us reach a wider audience.

3. Become a Political Advocate

Speak with your local and national representatives in support of refugee and IDP population fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria, paying special attention to minority populations and gender issues. As a constituent, your voice matters, and with your help we can spark wider support for the Yezidi community and accountability for ISIS crimes.

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