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August 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter August

July 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter July


Kurdistan24 | Dutch parliament formally recognizes Yezidi genocide.

FYF is quoted in this article expressing appreciation for the genocide recognition resolution passed by the Netherlands Parliament.


Rudaw | Netherlands, Belgium officially recognize Yazidi genocide.

This article quotes FYF on the efforts to support genocide recognition resolutions in Belgian and Netherlands Parliaments.

Religious Freedom Institute

Religious Freedom Institute | Strategies to Build Peace from the Ground Up: Protecting Religious Diversity, Coexistence, and Cultural Heritage in Iraq.

The Religious Freedom Institute held a virtual conversation, including an FYF speaker, to discuss Iraqi diversity and promote religious coexistence (video recording available at the link).

PUK Media

PUK Media | Belgian parliament recognizes ISIS crimes against Yezidi as genocide.

The article addresses the vote of the Belgian Parliament to formally recognize the Yezidi Genocide.


Kurdistan24 | Belgian parliament votes to recognize ISIS crimes against Yezidis as genocide.

This article reviews the Belgian Parliament vote to recognize the Yezidi Genocide.


Kurdistan24 | Belgian parliament committee recognizes Yezidi genocide.

This article focuses on the Belgian Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Relations decision to recognize the Yezidi Genocide.

June 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter June

Washington Post

Washington Post | Fire burns through Yazidi displacement camp seven years after ISIS genocide.

This article discusses the tragic Sharya fire, quoting FYF psychologist Mayan Hussein about the psychological implications of such tragedies.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera | Iraq’s reparations law for Yezidi survivors is a positive step.

This article reviews the Yezidi Survivors’ Law and Iraqi civil society organizations’ (including FYF) recommendations for efficient and survivor-centered implementation.


Kurdistan24 | New upgraded shelters in camp for displaced Yezidis after fire.

This article discusses the response to the Sharya fire, quoting FYF Executive Director Pari Ibrahim regarding common sense steps UN agencies can take to provide safer housing.

May 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter May

Testimony: USCIRF Hearing: Ending Genocide – U.S. Government Genocide Determinations and Next Steps

North Press Agency

North Press Agency | Ethnic cleansing of Yezidis continues in Turkish-occupied Syria, say activists and experts.

This article reviews the May 19th Wilson Center event, where panelists discussed the fate of religious and ethnic minorities in northern Syria.


Rudaw | Yezidis call for action to bring home loved ones kidnapped by ISIS .

This article quotes FYF about the renewed international campaign to account for the almost 3,000 Yezidis who remain missing after being abducted by ISIS in 2014.

April 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter April

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum | Pursuing Justice for Mass Atrocities: Lessons from the Yezidi Experience.

 FYF contributed this blog post as part of a series to mark the publication of the US Holocaust Museum’s new handbook about the pursuit of justice in response to atrocities.

The Armenian Institute – UK

The Armenian Institute – UK  | Resilience & Recovery after Genocide: The Yezidi Community between War and Self-Organization.

FYF participated in this panel discussion about the Yezidi Genocide, its aftermath, current and future needs, and reference to the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

March 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter March


Al-Monitor | Iraq passes law addressing women survivors of Yazidi genocide.

This article highlights the new bill, discussing broader security concerns and quoting FYF.

Gatestone Institute

Gatestone Institute | Iraq: Turkey Set to Attack the Yazidis? 

This article discusses the threat of Turkish incursion into Sinjar, quoting FYF.


Kurdistan24 | Iraq’s parliament ratifies survivor law in major recognition of Yezidi genocide.

This article, quoting FYF, highlights the recently passed Survivors’ Bill, including compensation and pension stipulations.

Religious Freedom and Business Foundation

Religious Freedom and Business Foundation | Call for businesses to raise awareness of modern-day genocide.

This campaign highlights opportunities for business leaders to advance FYF’s post-genocide reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts.

February 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter February

The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post | Yazidis denounce Syrian ruling requiring them to follow Islamic law.

 A recent ruling in Syria strips the indigenous Yezidi population of fundamental religious freedoms. FYF is quoted regarding the dangers of subjecting Yezidis to Muslim religious courts.


Kurdistan24 | Hopelessness, continued displacement lead to spike in suicides among Yezidis: KRG.

 FYF mental health and psychosocial support paraprofessionals are quoted in this article highlighting  increased suicide numbers among the displaced Yezidi population.

January 2021: FYF Monthly Newsletter January

Statement: Yezidi Suicide Crisis and Threat of Camp Closures

Lawfare Blog

Lawfare Blog | Negotiating Peace in Iraq’s Disputed Territories: Modifying the Sinjar Agreement.

This article includes the Free Yezidi Foundation’s comments on the inclusion of the Yezidi community on decision-making processes related to Sinjar.


USAID | Advocating for Gender Sensitive Negotiation in Northern Iraq.

This article describes a USAID-funded project implemented in Sheikhan by the Free Yezidi Foundation.


Rudaw | ‘We Need Help’: Suicides Spike at Duhok’s Camps for Yazidis.

The increase in suicides and suicide attempts among the Yezidi community is reaching a crisis point; this article includes FYF comments and analysis on trauma treatment and recovery.

The Media Line

The Media Line | Techfugees Data Hub Live Session – Rebuilding Cities in Iraq.

Techfugees hosted FYF in an online session about the experience of Yezidis in Iraq and next steps in rebuilding the community.


Kurdistan24 | Some Yezidi Survivors Still Fear Returning Home to Sinjar.

 The Free Yezidi Foundation is quoted in this article regarding the need for support to Yezidi survivors returning from ISIS captivity, including those with children born from rape.

December 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter December

Campaign: Holiday Giving Match


RED | De Free Yezidi Foundation probeert hoop te bieden.

This article (in Dutch) outlines the Free Yezidi Foundation activities and its impact on its beneficiaries.


Kurdistan24 | Prominent Yezidi Activist Ido Baba Sheikh Dies from COVID-19

This article quotes Yezidi leaders and organizations, including the Free Yezidi Foundation, in lamenting the passing of Ido Baba Sheikh.

November 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter November

Campaign: You can make a difference – Giving Tuesday is tomorrow!

Campaign: You can make a difference on Giving Tuesday!


Al-Monitor | Indiana Woman Gets 6 Years in Prison after Smuggling Cash for the Islamic State.

This article quotes FYF comments on the Elhassani case.


Kurdistan-24 | Yezidis Suspicious over Syrian Opposition Leader Visit to Town in Afrin.

This article includes comments from FYF on the situation of Yezidis in Afrin.

El Periodico

El Periodico | la Lucha del pueblo Yazidi seis anos despues del genocidio.

 This article (in Spanish) includes excerpts of an interview with the FYF Executive Director on post-genocide recovery.


Kurdistan24 | Yezidis Official in KRG Responsible for rescuing Yezidi Awarded with Sergio Vieira De Mello Prize. 

This article includes the FYF position on continued efforts to rescue kidnapped Yezidis.

October 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter October


Al-Monitor | Yazidi Spiritual Leader Baba Sheikh Dies At 87.

The article quotes the FYF statement on the passing of Baba Sheikh


Rudaw | Tributes Paid to Yezidi Spiritual Leader Laid to Rest in Shekhan.

The article quotes the FYF statement on the passing of Baba Sheikh.


Ad.NL | IS-Slachtoffers Zijn Woedend Over Nederlands Toneelstuk Over Syriegangster Laura H.

The article (in Dutch) highlights the FYF statement on the glorification and platform of convicted terror accomplice Laura H.


Ezidi24 | Conviction of ISIS Member Omaima Abdi in Germany.

The article reproduces the FYF statement on the conviction of Omaima Abdi.


Kurdistan24 | Yezidi Group Infuriated by Dutch Play Allegedly Glorifying ISIS Convict.

The article highlights the Free Yezidi Foundation complaints about the glorification of ISIS members or accomplices.


Rudaw | German Woman Sentenced to Prison for ISIS Membership, Enslavement of Yezidi Girl.

The article includes a quote from earlier FYF reports on the culpability of female ISIS members.


MedyaNews | Repeating Old Mistakes in Sengal Won’t Break the Chain. 

The article includes a reference to FYF’s thread on the private nature of the details of the agreement.


Kurdistan-24 | KRG and Baghdad Reach Administrative, Security Agreement on Sinjar.

The article includes a quote from the Free Yezidi Foundation about the Shingal agreement.


Rudaw | Erbil-Baghdad Deal on Shingal Will Recruit Locals into Security Forces: Spokesperson.

 The article includes a quote from the Free Yezidi Foundation about the Shingal agreement.

September 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter September

August 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter August

Statement: Statement Six Year Commemoration of Yezidi Genocide 2020

FYF Commemoration 2020: 3 August Panel and Registration Details

FYF Commemoration 2020: Yezidi Genocide Commemoration – 3 August 2020

National Interest

National Interest| “We’ve Lost a Generation.” Will Anyone Protect the Yezidi Survivors of ISIS Genocide? 

FYF’s panel discussions prompted this story about genocide, recovery, and security.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International | Iraq: Yezidi Child Survivors of ‘Islamic State’ Facing Unprecedented Health Crisis.

FYF contributed extensively to this Amnesty International report, which examines the impact of the genocide on various aspects of Yezidi society, with a focus on Yezidi children.

Al Monitor

Al Monitor | Six Years After Yazidi Massacre, US Urged to Take Bolder Action.

This article included reflections from FYF panel speakers on security and the role of foreign governments to support Yezidi recovery.

Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post | On Yezidi Genocide Anniversary, Failure to Support Survivors Decried. 

FYF panel discussion content contributed to an article about the broader matters of genocide recovery and parallels to the Holocaust.

Daily News Hungary

Daily News Hungary | Hungary Supports Repatriation of Yazidi Refugees Genocide. 

A member of Hungary’s Cabinet joined the FYF panel, prompting this article about Hungarian support for Yezidi recovery.


CGTN | Home-coming: Forgotten ISIL Victims Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

This article was written as a result of interviews with CGTN journalists regarding the impact of COVID on those in challenging environments, with a focus on Yezidi IDPs.

June 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter June

Statement: FYF Statement on Turkish Airstrikes in Sinjar

Al Monitor

Al Monitor | ‘An insult to women’ everywhere: Afrin kidnappings prompt calls for investigation of Turkey-backed rebels.

FYF’s Executive Director was quoted in the story relating to crimes committed in Afrin by Turkish-backed rebels, including crimes against Yezidi women.

CBN News

CBN News | Yazidis Fear New Threat as Turkey Launches Offensive in Northern Iraq. 

FYF’s Executive Director was quoted in this story relating to Turkey’s airstrikes in Sinjar and its impact on the region and the Yezidi population.


Kurdistan-24 | Yezidis criticize Turkish airstrikes in Shingal, fearing it could hamper return of civilians.

FYF’s Executive Director was quoted in this story relating to Turkey’s airstrikes in Sinjar and its impact on the region and the Yezidi population.

Gatestone Institute

Gatestone Institute | Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Terrorize Christian and Yazidi Natives.

FYF’s Executive Director was quoted in this story relating to Turkey’s airstrikes in Sinjar and its impact on the region and the Yezidi population.


Ahval | Turkish airstrike on Iraq hindering Yezidi’s return, say aid organisations.

FYF’s Executive Director was quoted in this story relating to Turkey’s airstrikes in Sinjar and its impact on the region and the Yezidi population.

May 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter May

Brenda Stoter Boscolo

Brenda Stoter Boscolo | Aantal Zelfdodingen Binnen De Jezidi-Gemeenschap Fors Gestegen. 

FYF’s Clinical Psychologist Yesim Arikut-Treece was quoted in this article in the Netherlands regarding the suicide rate within the Yezidi community and the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the IDP community.

April 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter April

Al Monitor

Al Monitor | Justice for genocide: Yazidis hopeful as Islamic State trial opens in Germany. 

Pari Ibrahim, FYF’s Executive Director, was quoted in an Al-Monitor article highlighting the trial of Taha Al-J in Frankfurt, Germany. According to the indictment, the suspect purchased and enslaved a Yezidi woman and her 5-year-old daughter. The suspected ISIS militant is being accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.


Kurdistan24 | 15-year-old Yezidi genocide survivor killed in Germany.

Pari Ibrahim, FYF’s Executive Director, was quoted in a Kurdistan24 article about Arkan Hussein Kjo, a survivor of the Yezidi genocide, who was killed in Germany. “Although the specific motives behind the attack are not yet known, it is nevertheless a sad event to see a Yezidi survivor suffer. Our thoughts are with the family of the victim and we hope that justice will be served.”

March 2020: FYF Monthly Newsletter March

Chime for Change

Chime for Change | Gucci’s Chime for Change 25 for 25 Series: Pari Ibrahim.  

Pari Ibrahim, FYF’s Executive Director, was featured in Gucci’s Chime For Change 25 for 25 Series, an original content series that highlights activists who represent progress made on gender equality.

Wilson Cemter

Wilson Center | How Journalists and NGOs Help Track Down ISIS Criminals: Lessons from Iraqi Kurdistan.

 FYF was features in a Wilson Center article about NGOs and Journalists working to help locate missing Yezidis and identify ISIS perpetrators.


Kurdistan24 | Woman Accused of ISIS Membership Faces Terror Charges in Germany After Journalists Expose Her. 

Pari Ibrahim, FYF’s Executive Director, was quoted in a Kurdistan 24 article highlighting women affiliated with Islamic State living in Europe without being held accountable for their crimes.