The Free Yezidi Foundation attaches great importance to a better future for the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community. We truly believe in and adhere to our do-no-harm policy. Yezidis constitute one of the most persecuted and endangered ethno-religious minority groups in the world. As such, our organisation is fiercely dedicated to defending the rights and well-being of Yezidis.

As a women-led organisation, we stand firmly against any mistreatment of women and girls, even within our own community. The Free Yezidi Foundation has from its start implemented projects where women decide how we approach our community and the programs that we offer to women and girls. Our approach is modern, adhering to international norms instead of cultural or family rules, and we stand for women and girl’s fundamental rights even when it is most difficult.

Pari Ibrahim & Free Yezidi Foundation’s staff
Khanke IDP camp Feb 2020

The Free Yezidi Foundation was created because of the systematic attacks against Yezidis, because of who we are and what we believe. An essential part of this Foundation and its reason for existence is also gender equality and women’s rights in our own community. This is a fundamental goal in itself, and FYF will never stray from the protection of Yezidis and defence of women’s rights as central objectives and a key parts of every program we implement.”

– Pari Ibrahim
Founder and Executive Director Free Yezidi Foundation