Welcome to Free Yezidi Crafts & Enterprise! FYF Craft and Enterprise is a project of the Free Yezidi Foundation housed in our Enterprise and Training Center (ETC).

ARTISAN TEXTILES: Rugs, textile wall-hangings, blankets, and more!

The facility includes a specialized area dedicated to the production of artisan textiles and advanced weaving and carpet-making training, located just outside of Khanke IDP camp.

Carpet weaving and textile production have a rich history in the Middle East, including in Iraq. This history is being carried forward by the expert weavers and artists of the Free Yezidi Crafts & Enterprise project in Khanke, Iraq. Each artisan brings her unique taste and vision to every individual piece, exploring everything from geometric patterns to fiber “paintings” of people and landscapes.

We are currently open for in-person shopping at our ETC, located just outside the Khanke IDP camp. The GIS coordinates for the Crafts & Enterprise Center are 36.7774448, 42.7810635. Due to the COVID crisis and movement restrictions in Iraq, we cannot currently accept online orders for items to be shipped abroad. However, if you would like to make an order for international delivery once restrictions are lifted, please contact info@freeyezidi.org to discuss your order with an FYF representative.

If you are able to reach our ETC in Khanke, you will be able to browse carpets and blankets and make a purchase in person. To schedule your visit, please call (0750-175-2756). The center is generally open Sunday – Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Arrangements can sometimes be made outside of working hours. Please contact FYF staff using the phone number above prior to your visit.

For more information, photos, and videos of the Free Yezidi Crafts & Enterprise project, please visit @yezidi_crafts_and_enterprise on Instagram.


We will periodically introduce new pieces, so check back frequently!

Is the piece you like already sold out? If so please contact our team members at info@freeyezidi.org and the artisan can create a similar design for you.