This tutorial is meant for people who need some extra assistence to donate on our website. The tutorial will lead you through the donation process in six steps. Each of these steps is accompanied by a screenshot that shows you what you should have on your screen at that specific step.

To make things even easier for you, in the screenshots, the areas of the page that you should pay attention to are marked with red rectangles, arrows and texts to show you where you need to enter your information or which button you need to click on. These red markings do not show up on your own screen, they have been added to the screenshots afterwards.

If you would rather use a printed version of this tutorial, you can download the pdf version here: s://

Step One:

Go to the donation page from our home page by clicking the donate button in the upper right corner or the button under the progress bar. If you are already on the Donate page you can skip this step.

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Zero

Step Two:

Once you are on the Donate page, which looks like the screenshot below, you should click once on the field (the rectangle under the payment details) that says: Custom Amount in USD. (USD = US Dollar = $)

Here you can enter the amount you wish to donate to us, however keep in mind that PayPal has limited the maximum amount of dollars that one can donate to us per transaction at rougly 9000 dollars, so if you plan on donating more than that, you should donate the money in several batches and repeat the steps of this tutorial for each donation.

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.First

Step Three:

When you have entered the amount you want to donate, press the Donate Now button. After you click the Donate Now button you will be led to the PayPal payment portal.

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Second


Step Four:

That should lead you to the PayPal Payment portal. On the PayPal page in the left square it should tell you the amount you want to donate, on the right side of the page you can select if you want the money to be transferred from your PayPal account (if you have one) or if you want to use a different payment option (click on Don’t have a PayPal account? ).

If you decided to donate using your PayPal account, you should be led to the PayPal site after you entered your e-mailadress and password; follow the instructions on your screen and you should be able to succesfully donate to us. If you donated using your PayPal account you can skip the next step and go to step six. If you want to donate using your credit-card, you should go to the next step after you have clicked on the Don’t have a PayPal account? option.

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Third

Step Five:

If you want to donate using your credit-card and you have clicked on Don’t have a PayPal account? , your screen should look like the screenshot below (minus the red markings). You can enter you credit-card information in the area that is marked with a big red rectangle in the screenshot below. Based on the information you enter PayPal automatically detects the type of credit-card you have.

When you have completed that, you can click on the Pay button below the red square area. After you have done that you should receive a message on your screen which says if the transaction was successfull or not. If something went wrong and the transaction could not be completed, you should check if you entered the right credit-card information and try again. If, after that, the transaction is still unsuccessfull, you should contact us by sending an e-mail to: or by sending an e-mail through our contact page.

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Fourth

Step Six:

If the donation was successfull your screen should look like this, everything is in order now and you have successfully completed this tutorial:

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Fifth


If the donation was unsuccesfull you should have this message on your screen:

Payment Tutorial Freeyezidi.Sixth
Please contact us, if the transaction was unsuccessfull, by sending an e-mail to: or send an e-mail to us through our Contact page. After we have received your e-mail, we will assist you personally to make sure we will receive your donation.

We hope this tutorial was clear and understandable. If you have any suggestions or if maybe some things in this tutorial weren’t entirely clear to you, please let us know, so we can improve it and make it even clearer.