The Free Yezidi Foundation women’s center and children’s center participants celebrated their graduation days last week. After three months of courses, participants received their certificates of graduation. In addition, a generous donor provided shoes to the children and FYF provided graduation gifts to the women.
Women spent three months taking courses focusing on livelihood skills, education, and trauma-reducing activities. These included sewing, English language, computer courses, art and music, women’s rights instruction, and sessions with a trauma specialist from Britain.

Children enjoyed a number of enriching activities, including a morning ‘social’ circle, English courses, music and art, and playtime on the FYF playground. An essential aspect of FYF work with children is to ensure a comfortable, warm environment where children can have fun and also learn some basic skills upon which to build in the coming years.
Executive Director Pari Ibrahim came to Khanke to personally deliver the graduation certificates to graduates.
The Free Yezidi Foundation presents its compliments to all graduates and we wish them success in their future endeavors.
To see the graduation ceremonies, which were streamed via Facebook live, visit