Washington DC: The Free Yezidi Foundation and the American Ezidi Center continue to call for global attention to help displaced and traumatized Yezidi survivors of genocide.

To honor the memory of those who haven been killed and the Yezidi women and girls still held in captivity, a candlelight vigil will take place in Wahsington, DC.

Pennsylvania Ave NW, facing White House North Lawn,
in front of Lafayette Square
7:30pm, Friday, 3. August 2018
Please bring a candle!

Concerned citizens are invited to join the event and light their candles to show their solidarity with the Yezidi community. There are currenlty thousands of Yezidis still missing, and it is unknown if they are in mass graves or still in captivity. For more information about Yezidis and the current situation, please visit:

www.freeyezidi.org & Twitter: @Free_Yezidi
www.ezidi.org & Twitter: @CenterEzidi