FYF’s Women’s Center provides holistic support to women in the Khanke IDP camp. FYF combines MHPSS activities with livelihood training and basic educational courses to ensure that women have access to safe and effective support. Beneficiaries attend for six months, and those who successfully complete the program receive a graduation certificate, which helps them in their efforts to find employment.

The activities of the Women’s Center are focused on MHPSS, livelihood training, and education. FYF’s international trauma experts work directly with survivors in group and individual sessions to provide them with restorative support. They also provide basic psycho-social training and skills to a brigade of Yezidi women, known has “Harikara,” who meet with families throughout the camp. FYF’s livelihood program provides Yezidi women with sewing and knitting classes, as well as developing short-term income strategies and empowering them to use these skills in the local economy. FYF’s educational curriculum is based on the skills women need to be productive members of the local workforce, including teaching them essential skills such as information and communications technology (ICT), Arabic, English, and women’s rights.