The Enterprise & Training Center (ETC) houses an assortment of initiatives, projects, and centers to empower Yezidis, with a focus on Yezidi women. Through activities, trainings, and enterprise opportunities, participants have the chance to develop tools, improve their economic prospects, collect relevant information, and begin earning income. This innovative livelihoods campus is designed to provide targeted, useful education and skills training for Yezidis, especially women. As a marginalised and endangered ethno-religious minority, Yezidis must work especially hard to improve their community’s economic stability and independence.  The ETC is designed as an economic incubator to advance this process, including with access support to Yezidi women.

The ETC offers the following services and projects:

  • Crafts & Enterprise Center (open now)
  • Bakery Training Center (open now)
  • Daycare Facility (open now)
  • Job Placement Center (opening soon, depending on COVID restrictions)
  • Internet Cafe (opening soon, depending on COVID restrictions)
  • Cafe (opening soon, depending on COVID restrictions)

The ETC is open to all in the community, IDPs and host community members alike. A number of ETC beneficiaries are FYF Women’s Center graduates, while others come to the ETC from different backgrounds and experiences. The ETC was designed with extensive feedback from Women’s Center beneficiaries and community members, who helped direct FYF to provide specialised opportunities for the community and for graduates beyond basic education.

The ETC is located outside the Khanke IDP camp at this location: (36.7774448 , 42.7810635). Visitors, customers, and beneficiaries are welcome to visit, whether to purchase an item, browse our store, or enjoy a freshly baked item or a product from the cafe. The ETC is open Sunday to Thursday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. If you wish to browse items online or make a purchase, please visit the Crafts & Enterprise page below.

Crafts & Enterprise Center

Bakery Training Center (link coming soon)

Daycare Facility (link coming soon)

Job Placement Center (link coming soon)

Internet Cafe (link coming soon)

Cafe (link coming soon)