Over the past several years, FYF has pursued justice and accountability on behalf of Yezidi survivors for crimes committed by ISIS. FYF’s justice project seeks to combat impunity for atrocity crimes, including conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). FYF’s team of lawyers and trauma experts are uniquely positioned to collect evidence of these crimes in a timely and ethical manner and build cases in collaboration with relevant law enforcement authorities and civil society members. FYF employs a survivor-centered approach, prioritizing the survivor’s well-being and empowerment in the fight for justice.

FYF’s Justice Project aims to collect and analyze evidence of atrocity crimes from displaced Yezidi populations, including tracking suspects, based on information from Yezidis and other sources. Using the information gathered, FYF’s lawyers prepare perpetrator dossiers pertaining to the crimes committed and the identification of suspects. FYF also cooperates with international mechanisms and Iraqi or foreign prosecutors in support of indictments in Iraq and internationally.