The Free Yezidi Foundation since its inception has worked tirelessly to advocate for greater attention and assistance in favour of the Yezidi survivors. This has included a number of goals, including fundraising efforts, lobbying for recognition of the attacks as genocide, and pushing for increased awareness of the plight of the Yezidi population in Iraq.

Although the FYF only began operating in August 2014, FYF founder and executive director Pari Ibrahim has already spoken at UN headquarters in Geneva, UN headquarters in New York, including at the Security Council and the GA, the House of Lords in London, and at numerous universities, think-tanks, and news outlets.

The Free Yezidi Foundation also partnered with Yazda to submit a report to the International Criminal Court calling for an investigation into the genocide perpetrated against Yezidi civilians.

The FYF’s primary objective is to provide assistance to Yezidi survivors. An important aspect of this work has been to engage in international advocacy and efforts to foster greater understanding, attention, and help from donors and global leaders for the benefit of the Yezidi survivors struggling to rebuild their lives.