FYF’s Children’s Center provides children in Khanke IDP camp with a safe environment to learn and play, accompanied by MHPSS support from the organization’s expert psychologists. FYF’s programs have been designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of children who have experienced trauma and suffering. The Children’s Center accommodates two daily cohorts, in the morning and afternoon, and supports primary caregivers in the community by giving them the opportunity to attend programming at the Women’s Center. The Children’s Center in this way serves as a cost-free daycare for caregivers, particularly mothers, increasing their chances to attend classes or seek employment.

The activities of the Children’s Center are focused on education and play. FYF provides children with school supplies to support their classroom learning. Lessons focus on language and ICT and are tailored to the age and education level of the students. FYF’s Children’s Center has both an indoor and outdoor play area, which includes a football pitch and playground equipment. Children focus on self-expression and socialization through art and outdoor activities.