As a result of the ISIS attacks on Sinjar and the Ninevah plains, many Yezidi children lost their parents. The entire community has been affected, and almost all children have lost some relatives or witnessed the effects of the horrors of war. In addition, thousands of Yezidis are now displaced from their homes, living in unfinished buildings or in IDP camps.

The Free Yezidi Foundation will establish children’s centres in IDP camps, where they will have access to a number of enriching and educational activities. In time this will include arts, music, reading, writing, languages courses, learning basic computer skills, athletics, and other activities. The centres will begin by accepting a limited number of children each day, so that services can be delivered in a professional and orderly manner. In time, multiple centres can provide services to greater numbers of children.

If and when children exhibit signs of suffering from extreme trauma, the Free Yezidi Foundation staff will liaise with post-trauma practitioners, trained by Free Yezidi Foundation’s expert trainers through the FYF training courses, to determine the best course of action and possible post-trauma treatment.

At a later stage, the Foundation will also explore how best to provide services to the many children living in extremely difficult conditions outside of the camps, such as in unfinished buildings.