Each year, Çarşema Serê Salê – or the Yezidi New Year – brings the promise of rebirth, hope, and life to the Yezidi people.

On the heels of such a trying year, we are particularly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the joy that the Yezidi New Year represents with you. While our celebrations may be smaller and more socially distant than in years past, we welcome Çarşema Serê Salê and the opportunity to begin anew that it represents.

The Yezidi community still faces many challenges – more than six years of displacement, a burgeoning mental health crisis, particularly among younger community members, absence of justice, and the daily struggle to make ends meet. However, we are hopeful that the coming year will bring more opportunities for healing and rebuilding in the Yezidi community. 

We wish Yezidis and our supporters happiness, health, and safety in the year to come. Happy New Year, and thank you for your solidarity with Yezidis and the Free Yezidi Foundation.