17 May 2020, Khanke, Iraq

The Free Yezidi Foundation has decided to reopen its educational courses to support women. FYF has received approval from the relevant authorities to reopen in a limited capacity, with a number of safety and health restrictions. FYF has been providing WHO information and cleaning supplies to camp residents to reduce the chance of Coronavirus impact in the area.

The center will operate according to the following rules:

1- The number of participants in the lessons is not more than 5 women at a time.

2- During visits to the center and participation in classes, hand sanitizers and gloves will be presented before participants enter the lessons.

3- FYF staff will be informed of and follow new FYF health and safety regulations to reduce impact of the Coronavirus.

FYF urges fellow humanitarian organizations to carefully consider how to provide much needed services to Yezidi IDPs while ensuring these actions do not pose a health risk to beneficiaries.”