3 August 2020, Khanke, Iraq

Free Yezidi Foundation Six-Year Commemoration of the Yezidi Genocide

FYF will hold a series of virtual panels on 3 August, 2020, to mark six years since the ISIS genocide against Yezidis.

The Free Yezidi Foundation (FYF) invites you to join us as we commemorate six years since the Yezidi Genocide. We will be holding a virtual event with local and international experts from various UN, governmental, and non-governmental actors. Our goal is to bring together experts on a wide range of subjects to foster meaningful conversations on the plight of Yezidis and efforts toward recovery and a brighter future. Confirmed speakers include United Nations representatives, diplomats, academics, and field experts.

Six years ago, ISIS militants swept through Sinjar and surrounding towns and conducted a deliberate attempt to annihilate the Yezidi people. It is important that the atrocities, sexual violence, and genocide perpetrated by ISIS are remembered by the international community, as Yezidis continue to pursue meaningful action. August 3rd is a day of sorrow for the Yezidi people, especially survivors. At this time of the year, we ask our friends and allies to come together to discuss the genocide and its effect on Yezidis.

The commemoration will be broadcast on Monday, 3 August 2020:

8am – 2pm EST (New York)

1pm – 7pm GMT (United Kingdom)

2pm – 8pm CET (Central Europe)

3pm – 9pm Iraq

Please save the date for this important event. More details will be forthcoming with instructions on how to view the panels.

We sincerely hope that you can join us and show your support. On behalf of the FYF team, thank you for your dedication to the rights and welfare of Yezidis.


The Free Yezidi Foundation