The Free Yezidi Foundation applauds the United States for recognising the genocide committed by ISIS terrorists against the Yezidis and other minority groups. Recognition is of immense importance to the affected communities, especially to the survivors and family members of those who have been killed.

The mechanisms that exist to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity have failed the civilian communities in this case. The United States and all other countries should learn from this experience and ensure that such mass atrocities do not occur ever again, in line with international declarations and protocols designed to prevent such horrors.

At this time, assurance of protection and assistance in the long and arduous process of personal and community-wide rehabilitation is most important for Yezidis. We urge international actors to help Yezidis to rebuild from the ground up, support Yezidi-led organisations and efforts, and do everything necessary to work towards bringing perpetrators to justice.

– Pari Ibrahim

Executive Director

Free Yezidi Foundation

See John Kerry’s comments here: