4 October 2020, Sheikhan, Iraq

The Free Yezidi Foundation attended the final day of the funeral for His Holiness Baba Sheikh, the Yezidi religious leader. FYF paid respect by leaving flowers and praying at the gravesite in Bozan. Like all Yezidis, FYF attaches great importance and gratitude to Baba Sheikh for his leadership of Yezidi people during difficult times.

FYF also visited the house of Baba Sheikh and met with Peshimam Baba Sheikh, relatives, and Yezidi religious leaders. We were grateful and remain grateful to the Yezidi religious leadership for supporting FYF’s efforts with Yezidi women and girls, in particular.

Finally, FYF is grateful to the international community for the outpouring support to the Yezidi community upon the loss of Baba Sheikh.