Former ICC prosecutor Ocampo at Lalish with Pari Ibrahim and Yezidi spiritual leaders
FYF and Yazda bring Luis Moreno-Ocampo to Kurdistan to investigate genocide against Yezidis and prompt ICC examination

The Free Yezidi Foundation and another Yezidi-led non-profit, Yazda, coordinated to organise the visit to Kurdistan of former International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. Mr. Moreno-Ocampo met with Yezidi survivors and local authorities in an effort to better understand what happened to the Yezidi people. He determined that there may be a strong case to be made at the ICC, and offered his help to Yezidis and the KRG in this regard.

In addition, Mr. Moreno-Ocampo visited the holy Yezidi site, Lalish, where he discussed his visit with Yezidi community and religious leaders and held a press conference to explain the purpose of his trip and his findings.

On behalf of the Free Yezidi Foundation, I am enormously grateful to Mr Moreno-Ocampo for his efforts in helping us pursue justice and security for our people. For more information on his visit, see Former ICC chief prosecutor pushes for Yazidi genocide case (Reuters).

Mr Ocampo visits FYF base in Khanke camp

Mr Ocampo visits FYF base in Khanke camp

At the same time, the Free Yezidi Foundation established its first centers in Khanke Camp. The facility housing the FYF women’s center and children’s center is now constructed, and in the coming weeks will be outfitted and ready to serve the community. The Free Yezidi Foundation is grateful to the camp managers for their assistance.

Pari Ibrahim

Executive Director
Free Yezidi Foundation