Recently, the founder of the Free Yezidi Foundation, Pari Ibrahim, visited the refugee camps in Northern-Iraq. She was there on a fact-finding mission for the projects of the Foundation. The Dutch television show ‘Brandpunt’ made a documentary of her travels. Together with Pari Ibrahim, Aart Zeeman, the host of the show, visited the refugee camps and they traveled to Mount Sinjar to take a look at the damage ISIS caused in that area, where until recently a lot of Yezidi’s tried to shield themselves from the persecution of ISIS.

The show also paid attention to the fate of the Yezidi women who were kidnapped by ISIS and are now severely traumatised, after everything that happened to them in captivity. A number of women tell their heart-breaking stories about the brutalities they had to endure from ISIS: they were raped and physically abused on a daily basis. Pari Ibrahim tells the viewers how the Free Yezidi Foundation is going to help these women. To do that in the best way possible, the Foundation’s founder has sought the assistance of the psychiatrist Dr. Derek Farrell, whose specialisation is treating trauma victims. In the program dr. Farrell tells how therapies like EMDR and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help the before-mentioned women deal with their trauma’s in a better way.