The Yezidi community is demanding concrete action to search for the nearly 3000 women, girls, and children still missing almost seven years since ISIS / Daesh began the Yezidi Genocide in Iraq and Syria.

In the last years, under ISIS captivity, a significant number of abducted women and girls were murdered by ISIS / Daesh genocidaires. For example in the last days of the occupation of Mosul ISIS / Daesh executed 10 Yazidi women and girls. In the last days in Beghouz, Syria, many Yezidi women and girls were beheaded.

It is also known that some of the women and girls committed suicide in captivity.

However, although some of those unaccounted for may be dead, we know there are some who are still alive. Where are they, and who is holding them? There is some information that can give us clues about where to look. The most likely places to find surviving missing Yezidi women and girls are in Syria and Turkey. It is EGREGIOUS that a NATO member state like Turkey is the location where ISIS / Daesh members are comfortably holding our people as slaves til today.

Some may be wondering how literally thousands of people can remain enslaved in 21st century for almost seven years. Imagine in your country if more than 6000 women and girls were abducted and sold as slaves on markets! In the West, we see mountains of sympathy for female ISIS / Daesh members. That concern and care should go to our missing women and girls!